Lotto Max History

History of Lotto Max Lottery

The Lotto Max replaced the Lotto Super 7, which saw its final draw on September 18th 2009. Just a week later, the first ever Lotto Max draw took place, on Friday, September 25th 2009. The Lotto Max was launched as a national Canadian lottery to be a more exciting game with higher jackpots. Whereas the Lotto Super 7 had a minimum jackpot of $2.5 million, the new Lotto Max has an amazing $10 million as its minimum top prize.

The Lotto Max also provides more ways of winning. As well as the Maxmillions, which is bought into play when the jackpot reaches $50 million, there are an additional six prize tiers or categories, which give players the chance of winning anything from a Free Play in the next draw (for matching three numbers) to winning a prize which can run into the hundreds of thousands by matching six plus the Bonus Ball. For a full breakdown of the prize tiers, visit the Prize page.

Lotto Max and MaxMillions

Although the jackpot is capped at $60 million, with extra $1 million prizes generated by extra ticket sales the prize pool of the Lotto Max game as a whole can be immense. The biggest total jackpot ever seen on the Lotto Max was £100 million, where players saw a jackpot of $50 million plus a whopping 50 Maxmillion $1 million prizes on offer. As each Maxmillion prize has its own independent number draw, each player potentially has the chance to match more than one prize, or they could each be won by separate players, giving Lotto Max had the potential to make 51 millionaires that night. This draw took place on July 6th 2012.

However, there is no guarantee the Maxmillions or the Lotto Max jackpots will be won, as each prize requires players to match all seven numbers. On the previously mentioned draw of July 6th 2012, only 17 of the Maxmillion prizes were won, plus the jackpot of the Lotto Max which was scooped by a single ticket holder from Quebec. The remainder of the Maxmillions prizes – which added up to $33 million -, were added to the following week’s jackpot.

The average jackpot seen before the jackpot is won is $30 million, with an average increase between rollover draws of $8.5 million. However, the largest increase between draws ever seen on the Lotto Max was for an astounding $20 million, which last occurred on 4th May 2012. This goes to show you never quite know what will happen on the Lotto Max, which just adds to the fun!