Lotto Max History

Lotto Max is a Canadian lottery with a rich history. Since its launch in 2009, it has frequently played host to the largest prizes in Canada; jackpots regularly reach eight figures, and with the additional MaxMillions game, even more players get the chance to become a Lotto Max millionaire. Read on to learn more about Lotto Max, from its introduction to the present day.

The Launch

Lotto Max was launched on Friday, September 25 2009, as a replacement for Lotto Super 7. With a bigger minimum jackpot on offer - $10 million, as opposed to Lotto Super 7’s $2.5 million – Lotto Max was an overnight success, generating more revenue in its first 10 months than its predecessor did in its biggest sales year.

Nine Figures

In the draw of July 6 2012, the total value of jackpot prizes on offer hit the $100 million mark for the first time in the game’s history. Lotto Max’s jackpot cap of $50 million was reached, and an additional 50 MaxMillions prizes of $1 million were on offer. The July 6 draw saw a single ticket holder from Quebec win the entire Lotto Max jackpot, though only 17 of the MaxMillions prizes were won. The remainder of the MaxMillions prizes – which totalled $33 million - were added to the following week’s jackpot.

Jackpot Cap Increase

On July 17 2015, the Lotto Max jackpot cap was increased from $50 million to $60 million; that very draw, a group of 20 Rona employees from Quebec won a $55 million jackpot from a single ticket.

The first draw to reach the $60 million jackpot cap took place on September 25 2015. The jackpot was won on one ticket sold in Brampton, Ontario, becoming the second-largest lottery jackpot won by a single ticket in Canada.

Breaking Records

On August 12 2016, a record-breaking total jackpot value of $102 million was reached; the Lotto Max jackpot hit its $60 million cap, with 42 MaxMillions prizes also offered. The feat was repeated on January 6 2017 and then eventually surpassed on June 8, when 50 MaxMillions prizes were offered alongside the maximum jackpot.

The current record for the biggest Lotto Max prize pool ever offered was set on October 26 2018, when 55 MaxMillions prizes were played for on top of the $60 million jackpot cap. The main jackpot was won by a ticket holder in Edmonton, but just 27 of the MaxMillions prizes were won - meaning the remaining MaxMillions prizes rolled over into the next Lotto Max jackpot. The starting jackpot for that following draw was $42 million.

Changes to Lotto Max

On May 14 2019, some significant changes were made to Lotto Max. The jackpot cap was increased to $70 million, an additional Lotto Max draw was announced for every Tuesday, and the ball pool was increased from 49 to 50. Two more prize tiers were also created, giving players nine possible prizes to win from playing the main game. For more information on the 2019 changes, visit the Lotto Max Changes page.