Lotto Max Number Generator

Often, players of lotteries prefer not to pick their numbers themselves, and instead choose to opt for a Quick Pick. When playing online, you have a similar option, where you can opt to have your numbers picked by a Random Number Generator.

This page will do exactly that and will pick your seven Lotto Max numbers for you, completely at random. Many players tend to choose their numbers based on significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries etc., which often means that the numbers above 31 can be under represented on a player’s ticket. The Random Number Generator ensures all numbers are picked at random across the whole spectrum of 1 – 49.

Pick Lotto Max Numbers


Generate Multiple Sets of Lotto Max Numbers

If you wish to generate more than one set of numbers to play, simply select the quantity, up to a maximum of 20, from the dropdown list below and then click the Go button.

Generate another set(s) of random numbers