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The Lotto Max is a Canadian national lottery which is played every Friday evening. The Lotto Max numbers are drawn at approximately 9.15pm Eastern Time every Friday night, and with minumum jackpots of $10 million, it has proved an extremely popular lottery across Canada.

Next estimated jackpot for Friday Dec 14th 2018 is:


It's a MULTI (6x) Rollover!

Max Millions is on!

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To play the Lotto Max, players must choose seven numbers from a possible 49. These numbers can either be chosen by the player from between 1 – 49, or the player can opt for the Quick Pick option, where a set of seven random numbers from the matrix are picked.

Once players have chosen their set of numbers, the ticket machine will automatically generate another two sets of seven numbers. This gives the player a total of three sets of numbers, each with a chance of winning one of the prizes from the seven categories.


The current jackpot is over $50million, which means the MaxMillions draw has come into effect. Each draw will now produce a set of seven number combinations, and if you match any of those combinations you could win up to $1 million. If the jackpot is not won then the number of MaxMillions numbers produced will increase until the main Lotto Max jackpot is won. For more information on MaxMillions, visit the Prizes page.