Western Max

Western Max gives you the opportunity to play for a multimillion-dollar jackpot twice a week, just like Lotto Max. There are also eight other ways to win in every draw, plus 14 additional draws which all offer a $1 million prize that take place alongside both draws each and every week. The game can be played in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

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Draw Time
Draw Days
Tuesday & Friday

Western Max Numbers

Western Max is played on Tuesday and Friday nights, right after the main Quebec Max draw. Match at least three of the seven main numbers and you win a prize, while you’ll land the jackpot if you get all seven. Check out the winning numbers straight after every draw. You can also view a history of previous results.

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How to Play Western Max

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To play Western Max, the simplest way is to ask for a Quick Pick or you can choose your own set of numbers. You select seven numbers from 1 to 50 as you do for Lotto Max. The main difference in playing the game is that it only costs $2 per entry.

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For each $2 purchase, you also receive two additional Quick Picks. You can fill out five play boards per ticket, so you would get a total of 15 sets of numbers for $10 if you completed all five. You can enter up to 25 consecutive draws in advance.

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Randomly Generated Numbers

You can play Western Max separately to Lotto Max or enter them together. If you choose the ‘Play Both’ option on your selection slip, you will receive the same set of numbers for both games on your ticket.

Western Max Prizes

The Western Max jackpot is fixed at $2 million in every draw, so it does not carry over if there are no winners. You win, or share, this top prize by matching all seven of your numbers to the seven winning numbers that are randomly selected.

A Bonus Ball is also selected from the 43 remaining numbers, helping to create a series of additional prize categories. The payouts are all fixed amounts and are displayed in the table below, along with the odds of winning. The Free Play for matching three numbers consists of three Quick Pick selections.

Numbers Matched Prize Odds of Winning
7 $2 million 1 in 33,294,800
6 + Bonus Ball $100,000 1 in 4,756,400
6 $1,000 1 in 113,248
5 + Bonus Ball $200 1 in 37,749
5 $100 1 in 1,841
4 + Bonus Ball $20 1 in 1,105
4 $10 1 in 82.9
3 + Bonus Ball $10 1 in 82.9
3 Free Play 1 in 8.5

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 7.0

Additional Draws

When you play Western Max, your numbers are also automatically entered into 14 additional draws. There are seven winning numbers from 1 to 50 in each of these additional draws, and if you match all seven you win or share $1 million.

There aren’t any other prizes available, but as there are 14 draws your odds of landing one of the prizes are 14 times better than your chances of winning the Western Max jackpot.