Quebec Extra

Quebec’s version of Extra offers a jackpot of $1 million and is played alongside the province’s main lottery games, including Lotto Max. You win prizes by matching numbers from 0 to 9 in the right order, with payouts available for matching as little as just one of the seven digits. Here’s more information about Quebec Extra.

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Extra Numbers

A winning seven-digit number is drawn alongside every Lotto Max draw. Extra is also played on every other day of the week, as it is drawn alongside all of Quebec’s main games. Find out the latest Quebec Extra Numbers to see if you’ve got a prize. You can discover whether the jackpot has been won, plus a breakdown of all the other payouts.

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How to Play Quebec Extra

Check Numbers
A Tick in the Box

Playing Extra is as easy as ticking one box. When you purchase your Lotto Max ticket, just select the Extra option and indicate how many entries you want, up to a maximum of 10.

Check Numbers
Select Entry

Each entry costs $1 and for each one you receive a random set of seven digits from 0 to 9. The same digit can appear multiple times within a single Quebec Extra entry.

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Extra Game

You cannot enter Extra without playing another game. It is available with games such as Lotto 6/49, Grande Vie and La Quotidienne, as well as Lotto Max and Quebec Max, so there are draws every day of the week.

Quebec Extra Prizes

To win the Quebec Extra jackpot, all seven of your digits must correspond exactly with the winning digits that are randomly selected on the night. Get them all in the same order and you win $1 million, or share the prize if there are other players that do the same.

If you don’t match all the digits in order, you can still win prizes by matching part of the winning number, either from the start or from the finish. Even if you match just the last digit and none of the others, you receive a $2 prize.

The table below shows all the prizes you can win and the odds for each category.

Numbers Matched Prize Odds of Winning
All 7 digits $1 million 1 in 10,000,000
Last 6 $25,000 1 in 1,111,111
Last 5 $500 1 in 111,111
Last 4 $50 1 in 11,111
Last 3 $20 1 in 1,111
Last 2 $5 1 in 111
Last digit $2 1 in 11
First 6 $10,000 1 in 1,111,111
First 5 $500 1 in 111,111
First 4 $50 1 in 11,111
First 3 $20 1 in 1,111
First 2 $5 1 in 111

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 9.1