Atlantic Twist

Atlantic Twist is a game which gives you the chance to win prizes of up to $100,000. Run by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Twist is only available to play alongside Lotto Max in Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The aim of the game is to match the Twist numbers on your ticket to the winning Lotto Max numbers. It is one of two Lotto Max-associated games that can be played in Atlantic Canada, along with Tag.

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Tuesday & Friday

Twist Numbers

The winning numbers for Twist are the eight winning numbers from Lotto Max – the seven main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. Go to the Atlantic Twist Numbers page to find out the latest results after draws take place at around 11:30pm Atlantic Time every Tuesday and Friday and to see what prizes were won and by how many players.

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How to Play Atlantic Twist

Playing Twist is fast and simple, whether you are playing online or purchasing your entry from a lottery retailer in Atlantic Canada. Remember that you cannot play Twist as a standalone game - only in conjunction with Lotto Max.

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To play, it costs $1 per Twist entry, on top of the price of Lotto Max. You can add up to 10 Twist selections to a Lotto Max ticket.

Choose addons
Choose Add-ons

All you need to do is select the Twist option when you play Lotto Max, or tell the retailer to add Twist. Indicate how many selections you want and how many consecutive draws you wish to enter.

Generate Numbers
Randomly Generated Numbers

You will be given a set of seven randomly-generated numbers from 1 to 50. It’s not possible to pick your own numbers.

Atlantic Twist Prizes

To win prizes, your Twist numbers must match the winning Lotto Max numbers. The twist to this game is that while you only have seven numbers on your ticket, there are eight winning numbers – the seven main Lotto Max numbers plus the Bonus Ball.

Whereas in Lotto Max you must match the seven main numbers to win the jackpot, in Twist your seven numbers can match any of the eight numbers including the Bonus. This increases your chances of landing the jackpot.

The jackpot is worth $100,000 in every draw, while there are four other prize categories that start at $3 and increase in amount for every extra ball you match. You receive a payout as long as at least three of your Twist numbers appear among the eight Lotto Max numbers. All of the prizes and odds of winning are shown in the table below.

Numbers Matched Prize Odds of Winning
7 out of 8 $100,000 1 in 12,485,550
6 out of 8 $1,000 1 in 84,935
5 out of 8 $100 1 in 2,071
4 out of 8 $5 1 in 124
3 out of 8 $3 1 in 16

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 14

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has previously run a special promotion called Twist Triple Days. During this promotion, all Twist prizes were trebled, so anyone matching all seven of their numbers would win $300,000.