How to Play Lotto Max

Play Lotto Max

To play the Lotto Max, players must first choose seven numbers from between 1 – 49, or opt for a Quick Pick which allows the numbers to be automatically generated. Each line of play will see another two random set of seven numbers drawn, giving each ticket up to three chances of winning. Players also have an option in some regions of Canada to play ENCORE, an additional game where they can buy up to an additional five numbers, taking the total amount of chosen numbers to 12.

To win a prize, players must match a minimum of three numbers with the numbers drawn for the Lotto Max on Friday evening. A total of 48% of all ticket sales is dedicated to the prize fund, which is called the Pools Fund, with 87% of that Fund going towards the jackpot prize. The remained is split between the other six categories.

Lotto Max Draws Every Friday Night

The draw takes place on Friday night at approximately 9.15pm ET, and ticket sales times cut off on the night of the draw varying from region to region. The Lotto Max draw will pick seven numbers from the drum at random from the 49 within. In the case of the MaxMillions being in play, each MaxMillions $1 million prize will have its own separate draw of seven numbers. So for example, if there are 12 Megamillion prizes on offer, there will be a total of 13 draws – one for the Lotto Max, and 12 for each $1 million prize.

Although players can win on the Lotto Max by matching from 3 numbers, to win the MaxMillions prize players must match all seven numbers exactly. There is no secondary prize tiers to the MaxMillions draws.

In the case of the Lotto Max, there will be one final number drawn, a Bonus Ball. This Bonus Ball gives players a second chance of winning either the second prize tier, where players can match six numbers and the bonus ball and win 4% of the total Prize Pool, or the sixth tier prize, where players can win $20 by matching three numbers and the Bonus Ball.

If there is no jackpot winner to match all seven numbers, the jackpot will roll over to the following draw. If the jackpot is not won before it reaches $50 million the MaxMillions come into play.