Lotto Max Jackpots to Increase up to $80 Million

Lotto Max is set to get even bigger, with the maximum jackpot going up to $80 million from September 2024.

Explainer graphic for upcoming Lotto Max changes

Lotto Max has been breaking Canadian records since it was launched in 2009, offering larger jackpots than have ever been seen before in the country.

The limit for the top prize was initially set at $50 million, before rising to $60 million in 2015 and then $70 million in 2019.

Now it is set to increase again to $80 million, starting from the draw on Tuesday, September 10. The new jackpot cap could potentially be hit in that very first draw, or it may happen shortly afterwards.

Everything else will be staying the same when the jackpot increase is made, so it will not cost any more to play Lotto Max, the odds of winning will not change and Max Millions will continue as it is.

Here’s a few key points to know about the new, improved Lotto Max:

Depending on the province where you are based, you also have the chance to add more features to your Lotto Max play – such as Encore, Twist or Extra – to give you even more ways to win.

Lotto Max draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights.